Microsoft Office Setup 2010

Microsoft Office Setup 2010

Every new version Office is a revolution in the making. This includes Microsoft
Office Setup 2010 which is associated with the Windows 7 version. Applications on
Office 2010 use Ribbon interface that was initially introduced in 2007 version. The
program has come with several striking changes that make it completely different
from the previous Office program.

Some of the Major Changes on Microsoft Office Setup 2010

Office button on the Microsoft Office has been renovated, where instead of a menu,
there is a panel occupying the whole program window. When you preview your content
after pasting in Word, the program allows you to have a glimpse of the final
document outlook prior to inserting it. At the same time, the translation and the
screen capture tools assist you in making some improvements to your documents.

Excel graphs and diagrams in the Microsoft Office Setup 2010 are always integrated
into the Word text. Apart from that, you will find a button on the Outlook group
email conversations that serves the function of erasing any available redundant
text. You can easily insert videos with the help of an integrated player within the
program on PowerPoint when using Microsoft Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010 is credited for being fast and light with great performance
among other versions. In fact, there is a lot of improvement regarding the time it
takes the suite applications to get installed. But how do you go about when you want
to install and use Microsoft Office Setup 2010?

Steps to follow when Installing Microsoft Office Setup 2010

Take the Office 2010 disc and insert into the drive. You will see a setup wizard
popping up and if it doesn’t show up or start on its own, navigate further to the
disc drive where you will be required to click on the SET.EXE. In case you don’t
have the Microsoft Office Setup 2010 disc, you can always download it and install
Office using your product key.

In the second step, you will notice the product key window prompting you to enter
your product key (25 characters) as shown below:

But before entering the product key in the spaces provided, you are required to read
carefully the Microsoft Software License terms and conditions for use before
clicking to continue.

At this point, you must follow the prompts and when the Office has been installed
successfully, click close while waiting for the activation wizard to finish the
whole process. It is important that you activate Office in order to have the Office
programs fully functioning.

Why Choose Microsoft Office Setup 2010 Version over Other Programs?

The new features in Microsoft Office 2010 make this program an excellent product for
your computer. They are easy to use when performing your daily tasks. Another
important factor is that the program supports various formats such as DOC, DOCX,
JPG, TIF and many others. However, this version is readily compatible with a 32-bit
Windows system but you can still use a 64-bit version by downloading Microsoft
Office setup 2010 from the Microsoft Website.

Office 2010 version is quite useful for various tasks and if you don’t have it, you
are definitely missing out a lot on the latest Microsoft Office program.

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