How to share Microsoft Office 365 Subscription in home and business:

How to share Microsoft Office 365 Subscription in home and business:

Did you know that you can share your Microsoft Office 365 subscription with up to
four people at your home and

It’s a great feeling when you share your stuff with your family and friends because
haring is caring’. Microsoft let’s
you care for your loved ones by letting you share your Microsoft Office 365Home
subscription. If you want to share your Microsoft Office 365 Home with your family,
you have to make sure first that you own Microsoft Office 365 Home subscription
instead of Microsoft Office 365 Personal or Microsoft Office 365 University. If you
don’t own Office 365 Home, you won’t be able to share it with others.

You can give access to your subscription through these simple steps:

·Open Microsoft page and sign in to your account.

·Click on y Account’.

·Go to option hare Office 365’ and click.

·Select hare your subscription benefits’. If you don’t have access to the option,
this is because you don’t own Microsoft Office 365 Home.

·Now select dd User’ from share your subscription benefits.

·Finally select how to invite your friends or family for subscription. You can send
your invite via email or through facebook.

·Copy the link of your subscription and send it to the member through email or any
other source.

·You can also share link with many people at a single time. Send every member their
subscription link.

·People whom you share your link with have to sign in with their Microsoft account
and open the link. User will further download the product.


Question will always pops up in your mind while sharing your subscription with
others, what will you get in reward. If you share your Microsoft Office subscription
with your family you will get following benefits:

·1 TB storage of Onedrive

·60 minutes on Skype, this can be used to call on phone for up to six countries.


Precautions are necessary for everything you do. Microsoft makes your safety and
warns you before sharing your
subscription with others. While sharing your subscription you make sure that you
discuss the installation with everyone before. If you feel that other users are
doing unnecessary installations you can manage that as well. You have control on
installations and use of the products. Following are the steps through which you can
have access to manage people and their activities:

·Sign in to your Microsoft Account.

·Open My Microsoft Account.

·Go to hare Office 365’ page.

·Click anage People’.

·Manage and control the activities of users.

Here you have access to all the installations made by the other users. If you find
someone is misusing your products you can uninstall the product from their computer
or other sources. You can also deactivate them.

If you deactivate someone from using you Microsoft Office 365 Home they will
automatically lose access to other benefits given to them.

If you have Microsoft Office 365 Home and haven’t share it with your family yet then
go follow these simple steps and share it.

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